Coming in 2018

Between 2016-2017 I have been immersed in a great period of search, research and discovery…

I started by eliminating an element that is important in my work, as it is the color, that gives prominence to the other elements that still remain. The absence of color denotes for me rest, pause and reflection ...

I seek a musicality that is also generated by silence. I called it the “Chromatic pause”. The interaction with the representation is then much more exploratory and slow.

I pursue to present an integral proposal where the descriptive language is conjugated with the abstract language.

As part of my creative process during this period I explored different approaches with my pieces. I was interested in intervening my own work.

After releasing the color affection, one of my many passages start creating a broken line in any segment of the piece. The lines that were created in interaction with the light, work together multiplying lines, shades and contours, finding new ways of exploring my own composition. I had the chance to rediscover my design more deeply, take risks, deconstruct and reconstruct my sculpture. I started giving more importance to the form, the composition, the line as the basic element in design. I continued researching under the idea of “Less is More”. I sought to carry the artwork to its minimum and simple expression, to maintain the harmony and to achieve a great visual impact.


Special Commissions

Monumental Sculptures

Frecuencia Especial, Outdoor



Frecuencia Geometrica

Mural composition

Painted Steel


Mural composition

Painted Aluminum

Geometria Caribe

Painted Fiberglass

Impromptu Series

Allegro Series